MORE THAN HAPPY, the truth is what we make it (ping)...

This story unfolding as I speak, nearest to manifestation thus far, but manifestation nonetheless, let us, the collective get together and go with the flow of our beliefs, not the ferocious beasts we've allowed our fears to make us. I for one, well, I believe in these words and their source being one that is goodness, righteously humble goodness. Comfort in knowing is better than comfort in believing. I chose to go the route of knowing. Tough road if you can hoe it... but well worth the steps... Results, not beliefs. Anonymous, Scribe, Peace, Love, Forgiveness, those that I owed the most, I surrounded myself with having never known. Matters less than now, move on I tell myself, waiting to be known for the truth that pours forth instead of the story! The story is blah blah blah, the prayer's for silence are making a comeback. It's the less is more I find difficult to navigate. (You don't belong, perhaps?) As much as the next beast.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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