The meek indeed inherit the (H)eartH, come the revolution of truth's comeuppance. We do not shy from its burnish. Too much to salvage to stop living, I speak the language of those that've been through the ringer, my fellow finely-feathered spirits. I love you all dearly and cannot wait to embrace you as my own in awareness, dear friends! I have so desperately tried to find you in my dance, I am awkward, but controlled to even beyond my knowledge, God's capable of anything. Dance with why that is before you dance with it in the flesh and bone reality of the spirit shown to you on your medicinal journey. When we stopped looking for things to believe in, to help trace our footprints into a known trajectory of Heaven if it's believed in, we lost our way toward the truth, when matters truly begin to fall away when religion becomes the history instead of the facts!

Home is (H)eartH, the Heaven beneath the feet- Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Family, a circle, One, Collective, Truth, Engage, Translate, Disengage, reignite, Samsonite, what the, pink ribbons for care, it's going to resonate with the hue in all skin, pink toward flesh leading away... engage spirit, salvage the err of Love's way. Enter Peace. Me. Nobody is going to say different. Jason, carry these words to the island, we'll sing them together, yours and mine in the progression of truth found in creation if one can believe like his brother... Boom boom the bong, this is our tribal brother's song, the mist of choice, the truth of God...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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