There are levels to Love that are mind-boggling and tangible
There are levels to plans that run much too deep
There are levels to Peace, lest you forget.
There are levels to everything but forgiveness.
Forgiveness is straight across the board a given,
no use in thinking much on it and disconnecting fates
If they are indeed fates,
they'll return to their respective mates.
The existence of Truth, of the One Exactness, is factual,
what it is is anyone's guess, believe it is Love and Peace,
believe that it is Forgiveness and Laughter,
Mother, Father, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, grandmother, grandfather, family, all.
They'll return to their respective mates.

Preposterous! Unless I can validate all of my wrong actions from day one, it matters... It's also too much. That's all I'm saying.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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