Another round said the man with a loaded pipe, his thoughts on God's holy presence throughout this tumbledown tale of woe and challenging thoughts and beautiful words and frightful turns toward the soul's last breath instead of eternal life, the law's quite clear, your honor, but the light that is its echo is even brighter, sorry, I'm already creating your Heaven if you want it, the collective need, not its foul want, schemes and shit like that!

He said shit!

(Yip! I heard the same thing, "shit", sure enough.)

Yip. Where was I? ...Oh, yes... I have bestowed such wisdom from each of you dear spirits, all, one, equal, tale of Heaven. No less.


This was a tale of the old west, then it was a tale of the new west, and the far east and the near miss and the missile, the miss you miss me missing sorrow short, slippery, slope.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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