The world's just smart enough to be war-mongers and not even know it... Israel's hands are all up in too many things, same with the US, and, there is little doubt, Iran is or would be up to imagining the same control. All world "leaders" need to let all others be and do their best to govern within their respective borders to alleviate hunger, thirst, war, genocide, economic pressure, and overall well being of its citizenry. I look forward to the day when the people triumph because they obeyed their collective conscience, this rather beneficial instinct we so often forget we possess.

Israel, USA and Iran, stand down your wars!
Peace and Love is where you will find your greatest ally.
One, for being the base of all mathematical suppositions,
One is the most unassuming numbers for being the base of all math, creation, One, the collective who...

And there we thought it all began from nothing...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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