Woman. Woman. Woman.
Great and Grand Mother.
Mother. Mother. Mother.
Daughter. Daughter. Daughter.
Sister. Sister. Sister.
Aunt. Aunt. Aunt.
Niece. Niece. Niece.
Great and Grand. Great and Grand.

Remember that Mother is most precious to Creation,
Child the breath before... We are consciousness.

Dear Sitting Bull, the word "war" is within "warrior", therefore I chose and choose to use the term "peacekeeper" or "peacemaker", as Peace is within the frame of each. But lets not let something as silly as semantics stand in the way of progress.

Bless you and yours, brother...

Peace and Love
I often tell those that desire aid from me, usually in the form of donations and a friend asked me to get some cows for his village in either Africa or India or somewhere, but I am asked to help and I have no way to do so, financially speaking, and as I thought of this it seemed clear to Me that if I am indeed scribing this story as I imagined it and I am able to manifest it through my direct contact with God, then why not scribe these cows being given to the villages that need it around the globe? Give them cows, chickens, fresh water, a cleansed (H)eartH at our journey's lessons learned as we march together as one Savior! March and sing the praises of Home and one another! Now! Oh I am the God of this story, not by want, by need! Let us embrace and engage in the timing set forth in this pace with gladness in our hearts that we are alive! God! In this story is the one in control of the thread, damn- I'm the Thread-bearer! Ha! Hello. I do hope all are having a wonderful time of this dance I'm under, I don't want it all to be in my head, if it is, then all of the Heaven for anyone to know- I am sinking within this belief, I am bringing it around to now, not the after-life of spirit, but now. What do you say? Please engage Me...

We're set to bring a whole tide of regret if we do not defend Home and ALL others. I am not fooling around here, kindred spirits, the (H)eartH will have its revenge on that which is killing it! Wake up and smell the damned truth!

We're killing home, we're killing God
We're killing each other, we're killing God
We're warring for others, we're killing God
Nod if you understand this...
This... is... not... Rocket... Friggin'... Science...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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