The Iceman has obviously come to Northwest Arkansas.

Oh! Is it playing at The Walton Art's Center, the ACO, Rogers Little Theatre, or Ft. Smith?

All of them.

The show must go on, as they say, Mr. Scribe.

I suppose... Got stuck on tiger boulevard tonight in Bentonville, heading over to see Amelia and Teresa and then to drive Jason to Centerton to finish packing up for the trip tomorrow at noon on his flight (1st leg of a 4 leg flight) to Hawaii. We finally steered the car backwards after an hour or so and me directing traffic (like a madman) cars coming west down the hill to those going east up the hill on the other side of the valley. The valley was where we were forced to traverse, lucky us it was easier than going up either side of Tiger Blvd.

Jason, Hawaii is your cup of tea! Paradise, brother! Michelle and I love you, my good man. Thank you for everything you did and can't wait to hear the stories from the isle. Peace and Love

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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