Michelle and I went to my mom and dads for dinner yesterday and as usual it was brimming with the aroma of grandma Amy Prime's home-cooking, (delicious!) and joy at our uniting to be with one another, those spirit's we've sensed from our beginning. Laughter erupted often and with a humble righteousness that this story has been moving toward. It was loud and celebratory, Sophia brought her new boyfriend Harrison to dinner and he was a gentleman throughout. Thank you for bringing such a gentleman to the dinner, Sophia! It was a pleasure meeting you, Harrison. Peace, brother...

Michelle tells me that I am too loud at times when we go out in public, but I can only say that the spirit is moving Me. (Which spirit?) Spirits, humankind's collective and individual apportionment of the One Spirit that is in and out of everything as silent as evolution. God indeed works in mysterious ways... MrP

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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