I was and am not entrapped. The deception toward Me has failed to garner enough momentum to even form a cohesive argument against my rising up to God's Speech within, rising up to God, flesh and bone likeness, a dream, "God" is all things, we are included in that equation. Think. Be Godlike, don't imagine, even for a second, that you are God, until it is manifest in the spirit, not before then.

Remember, friends, the truth, unknown as it is to us, is exactly what we believe it to be. Belief, therefore, is foremost a subtle form of manifestation. Imagine if the truth were to be followed, a paint by numbers sort of thing, imagine the masterpeace created of such belief? Belief's are thoughts, my friends, there's no two ways about it, there is but one- change the perception that we are not creators and be creators of a humble artwork upon the Queen and Kind of all planets known to us, by us, for us and within us. Kinship to Home is not some goal to reach, it is the truth. MRP

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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