You better be understanding that you do not speak for God.
(Note to self: I am not God.)
You better be recognizing your place in all of the swirl.
(Not to self: I am the swirl.)
You better be seeking council with God within, self needs assessing, only tax we put upon ourselves after being left without much choice, but to believe in something after that is more mind-boggling than now. Up and up, away and in, come into God's path, there's no stopping it- creation then is our role, create with Love and with Peace, all is already forgiven in this conundrum we call now...

(Just received call from a male-enhancement product line and all I could say to the representative is, "Stop selling the lie. Stop selling a product that does not do as it says it will do.")

Stop selling products that do nothing more than stroke the over-energized wits of those who imagine they need such nonsense as a product that generates money without generating results, and even if it did work (it doesn't) the product would be one of a distraction instead of a need, fearful are such ideas. It, need I remind you, is a very slippery slope from there, fine and finely feathered spirits...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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