Attention Paid

Pay attention, brothers and sisters, to that which you have not heard before. I have, so I say, for Me, it is not the warrior then that will triumph in this story, it is the Peacemaker and the Peacekeeper that are with God, One. War is Fear. Peace is Love and Love is Peace, God. Now, I only speak in this way to you because you are beginning to sound like warriors without PEACE.

See, some days I don't hold my tongue, friends. Some DAYS, I'm all capped, like a warrior, but I remain the Peacemaker. There is a fine difference between the theft of these words and their true meaning to the whole.

Blessings to all... Please forgive my intrusion into your day and night. I am a serious man who is married to a serious woman who is Mother to two daughters, two grandsons, loved by many, held up by more in this tumbling story we spirits are crafting of such an ode to Creation. I am. My Love and I are ready.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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