To the point of disbelief
to the point whittled of lies
to the point of the body playing tricks on you
the only way most come down from such delusions of place is by being taken down from off of a cross
or some such tortured symbol of humankind's ignorance of self that you've been nailed to for far too damned long.

Savior to the savior(s).
It's what God required, what I delivered by falling into it instead of away from it.
I accepted my fate in order to change it.

Boom boom gently wafts through the story in a way that is at last most telling.
Smile on the centerpeace of We. Smile on Me. I didn't choose it, it was chosen, go with it.
And you will know me by my word, not by my deed.
It's simple really.
I am. Have to be. Was, is and am, that man.
The next to last or last of One or the last One.
Instead of torture heaped upon Me, I have felt much deceit- impossible traps, not something I can change, the past, but the future, now, now and the future are looking more resilient than they have for a very long time.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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