I am here, evolving, you are there devolving of the sludge selfmade upon you. It is not anymore vile than the next, but it is all damn well vile! Contempt of the court, yes! I'm in contempt of the world's use of its genius beasts here to make life a pleasant experience! Not some damn fouled war! Lower all weapons and sing praises to the one who brought you from out of the clouds, but Me, for I had to take a journey of my own misuse and blow my Love's mind when my words favored her side to mine, but that was the spirit falling on his sword, giving you a priveledge unwanted, yet used to exact something from it that was certainly based on our Love at this juncture in the test you required of Love, be who your supposed to be an d all else words, works itself out...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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