HELLO! Hello, gentlemen and ladies, those who've been through the ringer because of poor decisions, don't imagine that all is going along according to the truth of the matter before us if the truth indeed has Me, it's a no-brainer, but if something else has me, I shall rise up swiftly to retrieve the stolen jewel, be she metaphor or flesh. Wink wink, a winks as good as a nudge to a man on a mission from the God within himself. Eye-opener, a fresh cup of coffee, a journey along the way, the echo coming back of our tenure. I'm here to blunt the impact we've built in our beleifs, to turn it away from itself in shame, followed quickly by a return to humankind's equilibrium. Don't want what's coming if you don't. Trust Me on the truth of that, it's me...

© 2015 Peace, Love, Laughter, Forgiveness, MrP, Scribe, Mark Richard Prime


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