Marijuana is God's herb, give thanks to God for its weave of truth within AS THE medicine of and for humankind... It is not illegal anywhere, it is decriminalized, returned to equilibrium! What is wrong with us! I know how to bring us back from the brink of ourselves, if I serve any purpose known it is this, God leads me along the path built for all... I am Mark Richard Prime and I am in need of some help, in this conundrum I'm scribing as we go along... I may be one story short, maybe a few short of a book that is worth repeating, ad naseum of thought within our living- seems to have served no purpose to our kind... (Is that a plea for assistance?) Call it whatever you want but I must soon have your urgent need to seek me out in person, if you want to know the truth of us, you and me, you'll need now come see Me. I am here. Waiting for this event that has been conjured by another, then that other knows not what he has done.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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