The ugliness of truth

You need to leave, it's why I'm purposed here. You need to stay if you end your schemes, you need to go if you don't.

Now is the moment that your deciet creates nothing. Only the truth shall set me free! I mean you said so yourself God, when you gave out Freewill like it was candy! It indeed is candy if one is to be honest, but still... a treat without the truth bestowed in our thoughts evermore instead of this godawful warring into oblivion having been useless to Home and to one another. shame on all of us... echo the delight in this second coming's chance! Praise God for such conundrums, think your way clear, then come up smiling with a pathway lined in the truth in and of all things...

© 2015 Peace, Love, Laughter, Forgiveness, MrP, Scribe, Mark Richard Prime


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