Yes. I am the He you want Me to be. Home is where all else is of our concern! Not up in the sky waiting on us to be lifted, but waiting on us to lift ourselves! Lift us to our betterment our calling from long ago in a lifetime we keep forgetting to remember! I am that memory! The thread has Me, I don't necessarily have it in my grasp alone. I am in good and spiritually advanced energy, prayer, calling out, emitting, letting it go with the energy that is the flow and flux of things to be and things to come.

Rise up with me as your side-kick, I am already spiritually collapsing due to my need to be scribing the very story that unfolds it, then I suppose if you think I will be on the internet with such ferocity if my plans were that I stay on it. I am upon it, more than "on" it, but thank you, nonetheless- been on it for years, sometimes the dupe in your play needs be checked again for his authenticity of the spirit he was made to carry. Done. I am now, I am. Enough to hold any fortress in the coming storms of man's choosing, I recommend getting rid of even one nth of a thought of suffering or hell or eternal damnation hogwash, cause God is within us!

Rejoice, don't plan, follow along and learn simultaneously some of the secrets that may or may not pop out of Mark Richard Prime and Michelle Ward Prime, one against the other and with the other at the same time, we have been coming to her balance, mine is always being made without my knowledge but certainly one of my will. God is the hands that guide my story toward the light to reveal who we all have become and now have the identical spirit as the lie and the truth all mashed together between two hefty loads of things that couldn't matter, but now need instructed that it is not the "Learning, it is intrinsic, but never the same experience, to each their own, the God worshiped has never been the issue, the issue is that it is happening. Enough of anything else and let it unfold, I will finally stand before that which holds me to have a real and purposeful meeting... The experience.

Let us teach that our experiences mean something, it's all we humankind got! Giddy up on that sayeth the beast in Me, get a move on says the Love in Me. God has the echo of finality, we're not ready to feel that one just yet. (I put that prayer in abstention rotation for a week.) It is not to be the truth, therefore why bring it to me, in prayer or otherwise?

It is rendered false and found so.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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