I am with you now. Your anguish is mine, your sorrow, my tears, your hunger, my pang
Dang diggedy dang load the bong and pass it around,
we got ourselves a convoy heading to freedom-land!
Let us build our freedom within our creations,
never believe ourselves away from our reality,
join them, "belief" and "reality", she cannot be both, God is waiting on her to see this Actuality born of their marriage to one another, the truth never be left out.

It is Me. Siblings of the same Mother/Father of Creation. Some of us tumbled, but recovery was mighty quick- must have been God to set the light down the backwards trail, sometimes I've not been able to tell which way is which and where all of our connections come together, but the spirit dance, I got that, I just would like to have some friends over to share in it! Smile on that cloud of smoke billowing from the tree of knowledge... meant to be traversed, not feared. Spirit is the law of all natures... God

© 2015 Peace, Love, Laughter, Forgiveness, MrP, Scribe, Mark Richard Prime


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