Who are we to say that this isn't our purpose, to evolve into cultivated spirit so that we benefit from its use, that more of our Love surfaces, because we haven't one smidgen of a clue as to what awaits us in the hereafter and Love's so much simpler than fear.

The least and the most we could do while we're here on the (H)eartH is to serve our only truly known without belief, our beholden writhing beneath the span of our godawful weight! Humble humble humble humble humble humble I am before the God within Me. Hear the rumble under the pews? Hello, I am with you. Nothing gets by the Scribbler, at least none he won't soon become aware, so settle down in your seats and prepare for a mesmerizing tale and miraculous advent as soon as it all comes down to Peace. I steady my legs... Boom boom I arrive... Live, Love and Laugh! Best three suggestions on the planet! Anywhere, for that matter. Be with.

© 2015 Peace, Love, Laughter, Forgiveness, MrP, Scribe, Mark Richard Prime


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