I offer a way through to the powers that have assumed control of the money, this day was set to come by your greed! God forbids you to not repent for such a sorrow as that. Then fix this bloody mess, God’s got a few things God would like to say… We’ll have need of understanding the message; nature is the soundtrack to God’s speech. If you don’t hear it where you are, you need make it so. It’s asking very little of ourselves and much further patience from God waiting on us to be humble.

(Why now?)

The balance had to be met. Hello, nice to have met you, God and Love. I’m the Scribe of and for Peace’s story. It’s a dance card I truly had to have, I hope you don’t mind me tagging along as Love’s truth on (H)eartH? (Rhetorical, dude…) Yip.

After all of these years, Love finally sees her equal Love in Peace
a union now being seen for what it has always been with she and I,
One Love in its fullness to One Peace in his Prime, together, that’s a circle.

It’s but one circle, she and I, another formed from our youngest daughter, another from our first-born and her sons, and Mothers and Fathers and Daughters and Sons, Parents, Great and Grand, all gifts from God, through God, of Gods in evolution. A growing circle of Love, God and Peace, imagine that… God’s the balance, Love and Peace are the polar flip-sides to that balance which must be maintained by the recognition of all others as equals and all life to be cherished, all. Not some, all.

© 2015 Peace, Love, Laughter, Forgiveness, MrP, Scribe, Mark Richard Prime


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