The Imagined Suffering Found in Peace

Let’s not forget how difficult and grave we’ve made our minds beneath our fearful affections, and, instead of making the spirit of Love, that which is in us all, rise to the occasion of suffering no more, eternal bliss, we chose to wage war against the eartH of Creation…

I am a human being dancing with the spirit of Love. She is resilient and most sorrowful that we’ve forgotten our eartHly Mother and the Mother eartH…

(Let’s not be too quick to jump sides because of the imagined suffering found in peace. Peace is an integral part of Love.)

In my opinion, noise is the adversary to love, peace, forgiveness, life and laughter, to all that is essential to Love…

(Become a reflection of Love. Don’t have Creation fit to your size, instead fit it snuggly within your spirit…)

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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