Love, Not War, Will Bring Life, Love and Laughter

(Democracy is extremely hard work calling on all that is best in us to carry it out.)

Sure, but carrying it out with love and not with partisanship for one side or another, that's nothing more than more of the same, why we're in the mess we find our guilty selves in the thick of to begin with, silly sides. There are no sides, we are one, and we must dance with another's loving spirit now... And when we find that Love connection, so to speak, it might behoove us to be ashamed for the way we and our "democracy" treated the (H)eartH. Without hesitation, we must repair our misdeeds. Agonizing over semantics is just more of the same...


We're all descendants of each other...

Peace on eartH, not war, will bring Life, Love and Laughter its well deserved victory...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime


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