Here for Us to Behold

Damn I’ve sure taken a very long journey now for more years than even I imagine. Spirit by spirit, dashed dreams of my first recollection- Could it be that the remedies are found in the answer if we’ll but take the required time to notice! You and I, brother! You and I sister! You and me and you and you and you and you and me and you caught up in a dance is what we are, my friends, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Shall we dance more or shall we succumb to our basest imaginary fears? Word is corruptible...

(So all of humankind’s words are parasitic uselessness?)

No. Many of humankind’s words are here for us to behold, it’s just that we’ve closed ourselves off in our current mindset, as if somehow there are levels for Love and trust that ain’t happenin’! No siree! It looks like belief is here to stay, and that should for most of us, be something that causes us a bit of a reasoned concern. No need to run around with our heads all aflutter, best to come in for a smooth landing. Come from off our thinking perch and join the eartH already in progress! :>) And to boot, to be in the Heavenly Home to which we were born to be! Why is there need for anything else? Why not be content with where you are? Why must we begin to believe in the unknowable to the extent that it blinds us to where we are? It’s suicide in my opinion. I think that renders all belief untenable. Oh my. Just when I think I’m getting my exit cues from the wings, in tumbles another unthought-of prayer. Are they perhaps being answered for me, but I’m slow in arriving because I’m just now learning how to fly? Not to mention the spirit’s dance. Figuratively speaking, that is.

Choose! Either Love, or fear of the unknown, which is it?






Notice which one goes on forever or is it the (Echo…) that we need to hear, maybe even the (ping) of an innate recognition? Instinct will suffice this day and age…

Oops. I found myself jumping on the bandwagon without having checked in on the latest about that particular issue of the moment, the horses mouth so to speak. :>)

It shows your willingness to tackle the issues without fear, Fernando. Something we could all learn about you, if we really wanted to know the truth of the matter and the loving spirit that swims around in you. The spirit that's in all if we'll but begin.

(Or so I believe. :>) Believe, that it might be.

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime


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