Words Now Seem Useless

Words now seem useless, for they too stem from humankind’s fear of the unknown, and if they don’t, they’ve worked their spell on Love and turned ours into a quivering shell…

O! I weep at her song of unrequited love! Bring me to my knees before her and bring my limbs to cease their consumption!

I beg of our collective spirit to rise up now and deliver Mother Earth from bondage!

We have traveled many miles to end up here. Were we not sufficiently equipped to sense the difference between what we did and what we should have done?

Shame on us if we continue to hoodwink ourselves into some makeshift hell on eartH…

If Home is Heavenly, then Heaven must be Home, and if Home is Heavenly, live, laugh and love, rejoice at the chance to be at Home in Heaven…

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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