The Balance Between

Let us laughter to the sky with this one! This spirit, this shell, more precious than the one that came before, is dearer to the whole of life. It is by default dearer to the collective child, it’s another of Love’s spirits born with the strength to cleanse her of our human poisons, to help summon the whole of Creation to our thinking that we might be angels for the eartH instead of leeches.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Goes the traffic, the noise is taking control. We must wrestle it back and bring all fear to its bereavement that we might be savior to the Mother instead of dictator.

Instead of wide screens and skinny jeans and i-pads and i-pods and egocentric scenes and holy belief and unholy deeds tossing down terrible injustices upon the whole of Life, let’s bring our yapping shells of fear out to dance beneath the sun, the moon and stars, the green and the blue and begin cleansing the eartH of Creation, Heavenly Home, of humankind’s poisonous spleens.

The balance between Love and fear I have teetered, until fear grew so thin of my choosing Love that it soon vanished into the thinning air…


It is we that will pay the price for blindly worshiping what we believed instead of humbly bowing to what we knew…


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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