Leaking From Both Sides of the Mouth

Words are leaking from both sides of the mouth as if a dam has broken, as if words and deeds are tumbling headlong out of belief and into duty.

There is a difference between believing in something and doing it and doing it out of duty, out of honor for her most giving skin. The eartH’s embrace of love and forgiveness are unmatched…

Funny how this story seems to be reflecting my reality, eh? Or is it what belief is able to conjure, a story ingrained within me, not I?

My recognition of duty came frightfully swift, yet the spirit in control of me and my actions held back long enough that I might catch my bearings, hesitated long enough for me to begin to think, imagine, dream, love without fear…

(Tick tock…)

Time is irrelevant to my dilemma.

(Would that be a blessing or a curse?)

Is there a third option?

(Tick tock, Rimnod…)

You seem to have plenty of it, Curmudgeon.

(Damn skippy! All I got is time, and believe you me you’re taking yours and wasting mine!)

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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