You Think This Is Funny?

I still don’t think I’m aware of just exactly who I am in all of this. I do, however, believe beyond a shadow of doubt, that Love is all around and through me, so God was always here. From what I can recall, and it ain’t much, in my life, is too many spirits trying to convince me otherwise, in other words, their way…

This is, in my opinion, less of a belief and more of a fact, the truth beneath the feet, if you will?

“It’s all yours brother and sister, I’ve had enough!”

(What one should have said as his belief started its bidding, for a thousand, Alex!)

You think this is funny?


I think it’s funny too, but this is serious business, not something for you to tinker with until the wheels fall off the ragtag wagon you call spirit and ride around in like you’re the king and queen using your hands as mirrors instead of tools…

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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