Without the Search for Truth, Purpose Hasn't Reason to Begin With

Without the search for truth, purpose hasn't reason to begin with.

They’re just you and me and we’re merely two out of billions. Imagine the power of Love within humankind’s grasp?

We’ve been trying to remember why we’re here from our beginning, yet it’s our future that truly has us perplexed.

I’m supposed to be quiet in my prayer. Silence in prayer gives you the answers after time. Noise in prayer, spoken word, thought, fear, it has no place in belief in the first place! I hear a drum in that. The truth in all of this is I cannot cease my prayer, I can, however, stop my thoughts… they’re getting in the way of the truth, in the way of my instincts, the fullness of Love…

What am I searching for? What miniscule clue have I left that I might recall the way Home…

Do I imagine my belief as sacrosanct, who am I to know God’s instruction, I can barely function in everyday life, but that’s about to change its skin, from one of my mind getting in the way of my mind, at long last, it's beginning to “get in the way” of my self, thereby recognizing who, what and where I was intended to be at this stage in my existence. I chose to rise up instead of lay down…

Our minds should get in our way, the way of the path toward Love, and stat!

Love, my friends, is the only path you can take-

I don’t know why, but I sense what…

Feed the hungry.

Feed the hungry.

Feed the hungry.

Feed the hungry.

Feed the hungry and feed your self...

What were we human’s truly intended for? Are we caught in the matrix and only believe we’re somehow miraculously outside of Creation’s curve?


We’ve written our dark history with the eartH’s ink long enough, isn’t it time we painted on her with love?

We're all searching for Love ever-after, otherwise, what's the damned point?

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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