Within Her (H)eartH, My Heart(H)

It makes its way to me in prayer, this spirit of my dance. It isn’t the man I became, or the many I’m with in dance, by prayer, by chance, by fate, by sanity, by simple reasoned explanations- maybe it’s all a dream…?

I’ll go with Love and place within her my Heart(H)…

The birds and breeze, the sky and sun, the sounds of Heaven soaring over man’s noise, the perfect accompaniment for what I have to say.

(The violin floats by as the songbird summons her aria and the wind lets its presence be known…)

Let me begin to pray to what I know and not what’s made from thought! Prayer is Love’s scribe and God’s unwitting stumble…

Take back my mind! Snatch it back, it's been snatched! Take it back, the key to Love’s door's within your grasp...

(Quiet your mind, Mark, and joyfully help to create Love’s masterpiece!)

Oh! Rejoice and make history!

(Better make your fear history, too.)

What is this squat word that brings man to trembling on his knees?


I meant fear, spirit. Fear is the squatting ogre, but you make a valid point on the word used to describe something so complex that words themselves can’t even begin to do it justice. Pray I'm ready for such a transition, and, above all else, I'll live, laugh and love.

My mind is stuck- twisted metal frame, plunged down again, I cannot shut off my upside-down head’s attempt to be savior in her eternal life and in her laughter and her love…

(Thank God for your head injury, there’s no telling where you’d have head-longed into if the story had been right-side up, hell would have been an impassable place…)

I climbed the mountain many times, had to go back down again to retrieve what I had forgotten to remember, but I’m now prepared to hold my ground, to pray to her known’s by my actions.

(And what the hell would you know about taking action, Mark Richard Prime?)

I wouldn’t, save for the act of giving my mind away. I do, however, know plenty about inaction.

(Do tell?)

Rather talk about action.

(You said a mouthful there, Nimrod.)

Touche’! …I meant I’d rather imagine action than its counterpart of death. Eternity offers some great accessories, standard, even on the oldest of models…

(What’s that supposed to mean exactly?)

Exactly? Nothing. But I wasn’t talking out loud, I was thinking.

(Thinking? You can’t even give a straight answer to the question, my unfettered friend.)


© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime

Resistance to belief is Fertile.

(Did you mean, futile?)

No. It wasn’t intentional, it breathes inside of me. My story is upside down. I'm going back to what is known and I'm being greeted with the gift of Love.

(Have you just squeezed out God?)

No. I've swum inside of belief and Love and found her much more to my liking. I know, I must be insane to think of such a thing, the eartH as my only beholden in the flesh and the spirit that I know... than any truth of any that I'll imagine...

I know nothing. I am one man and the only power I have is with the whole. The fullness of Love is within my reach, within my every fiber while I'm in prayer. The truth of who I am...

I see the light at the never-end of Love...

(From scribe to conductor?)

It is Heaven if we want her! The thought is ours to choose…

(Would you place your bets on what’s in store, or would you place your bets on the Mother that you know!)

The eartH was my final alternative as any God outside my needs…

There’s probably some lesson in all of that which will put me on my knees! Conclusions are not mine to scribe, mere possibilities! I am a sovereign entity! I am my own person! I am me! Find your me and off we go in Heaven!

I feel like there should be some other reason for my visions?

(Love’s medicine?)

Yes. If all is not well with my belief it is mine to struggle through!

(Then why are you publishing your mind like a neon sign?)

I don’t know and I don’t need to know the truth behind and within this lesson…


I am set to evolve. God help our fragile minds when she her dance commences! We cannot know the Creator, we cannot know God, we can only believe, doesn’t mean that we can’t know God through our Mother, the eartH of Creation…

(Must man think so emptily? Must man imagine himself into a living hell to see just how he likes it? No more hell, it’s time to give Mother eartH her loving due…)

Her loving due, the one Exactness is a stellar foundation that will not allow Love to be destroyed.

I do not know but I most certainly believe wholeheartedly that the eartH is the Heart(H) of God.

These spirits are my prayer circle. They sit with me and cause me joyful tears- and in springs a humbleness like a winter coat worn today while here writing to my loving belief. I am a child of the eartH, she is me loving me. Loving who I am and who I’ve become!


I love you. Can you believe that? I am beholden to the eartH first, belief second.

(Where did you imagine you were?)

Work as one and she will again reveal herself as Heaven.

(For the Love of all things stand up and let it be known that you are willing and why you're so eager!)

The truth of the matter might well rest near, prior to this particular spirit dance with her loving story. My lovely angel Love, her spirit rivals any I've yet to dance with...

The rest will reveal itself, it is not mine to speculate or own. She is what I believe. She is what I know...

© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime

Oh, Love, lift me to your grace that I might drink from your chalice the fullness of a most Loving spirit. Bring round your affections, your joy and not your sorrow, save for lessons to be learned. Bring your delight to greet my laughter and my joy to greet the promise this steward made to you before the advent of human word, the precursor to written belief, before the ground was overrun by wars and craven greed, before humankind took its first breath and soon began to wander within belief’s unknowable wonder…

(Truth hasn’t been humankind’s strength, leaving his gravest sin, forgetting where he is.)

The chord struck its notes with exactness and a fearful velocity! There’s not much time, so I’ll make this quick- I’m not Mark Richard Prime, at least not any longer, the man expressing his never-ending belief as if it were sacrosanct has been born again.

Perhaps it means I’ve come to the next one, the next to breathe in full Love’s worship of her blueprint of Heaven. Boom-a-rat-a-tat-tat-Love’s scribe-a-rat-a-tat-tat…

I never imagined such a thing as my conversations within Heaven’s arms. Home is where the Heart(H) is, right? Let me rejoice with great fanfare that eternity in Heaven is just a good deed away…

It’s within my grasp, this world I seemed to have created, not the Universe or its Heaven, but the role I’ve begun to play! She directs my actions, which often come in the form of the loving thoughts of belief in the (H)eartH as most sacred, despite what fear I’ve wrought upon her fate. She’s the Mother (H)eartH, the Heart(H) of Creation.

Do I not imagine that she could just as easily summon the human mind to remember where they are?

Sure, but this adventure to Love, or so I imagined, sounded more inviting, it certainly has more love in it, less shock and awe, more grace, less agony. I believe that Mother eartH could bring about a most profound change within humankind if we’d perceive her prayer, but this pathway, the one lined in full Love upon which I’m dancing, seems so much more appropriate to this grand occasion.

(It may not be everyone else’s, Mark Richard Prime. Perhaps their eternity is different than your own?)

How can that be possible if all exist in the same realm?

(Who says everything and everyone does?)

In my belief what is truly knowable to humankind is their beholden, the eartH of Creation, the one exactness, truth come to life. There have been stories written about this day, this moment in the evolution toward Love. There have been movies made of such human tragedy that the heart begins to roar, scripts crafted that are so poignant to the human experience that the spirits are thrown skyward in our pleading, and such powerfully engaging music played that the soul is lifted beyond ownership.

Perhaps it’s time to create Heaven on eartH and make it a living, breathing masterpiece painted for her, sculpted of the spirit of Love, sculpted in honor of the breadth of forgiveness found in her possession?

(Heed her prayer, you and you and you and all willing to recognize the duty to the (H)eartH of Creation.)

Sleep calls to me upon the breeze…


© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime

I’m soaring now with the eagles, the heat wave fluttering their wings while warriors bang their weapons like small god’s bent on battle instead of calling out to Love, instead of reaching out with loving arms.

I’m judging them one by one, these visions that writhe before me. She calls to us-

We sought you. It isn’t about you, Mark Richard Prime, it is throughout you. It is not the fame they seek it is but the truth…


(Love: Side thought- Hello, brother, neighbor, friend. You’re learning…)

I’m not sure what humankind needs, but I know the eartH needs Love. Nothing hidden behind a wink... peace, love and goodness is not an exclusive club that only you and I belong to, but deep within all of Life. Spoken with Love...

It is not mine alone to hold, it is the spirit of Love… If we die, what will become of she?


To have ever lived to see this day or rejoice at its simplicity!


And now to the second- Out of the blue came this truth in the shape of the Mother, the eartH and her Mother, Love. We should long to be God! Not imagine God as a monster in the sky, but here with us! We create our own Heaven in the eyes of Creation! Assembly required…




Doesn’t this belief ever end?


Therefore, I can have Heaven and believe in it too! Rejoice at that idea! Oh my, how true was our armor? How low have we sunk when the Mother gasps for her own air…?




Between HeartHbeats it comes…










Hello my dearest Lovely angeL Love! Life, Love, Laughter!

(And all and every dream became real at once?)

Over time and through belief…

I ask you, are you not most ready? Is now not the frame from which to act?

Does it not corner our temples to blush…?

Human coordinates are dead center the eternal Life, so we had best collect our thoughts real quick, she’s coming up to greet us with our loving prayer…

It is belief that brought me here. It is truth, it is Love that I found…

(I’m too busy praying …to listen.)






Love, she writhes beneath the will…














It is through Love that the medicine exists inside of us to begin with, she awaits our evolution, and our revolution, our acknowledging our reason for being, and then she will trigger her medicine, with our prayers overlooking her Heaven.

(Let's hope you're ready?)

Yes, Love, I'm ready…

© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime


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