Where is the voice

Isn’t my belief, the belief of allowing the loving spirits to choose for me, who I am, who I was born to be?

Well, I say poppycock! Where is “me”? Not “I”. Where is the voice of the one I am intended to be, or I made myself out to be?

We, not I or me, are the creator’s of full Love. WE, the collective we’s have powers we cannot yet imagine. Soon. Either way, I believe it beyond a shadow of a doubt that Love and God are swimming through me, which makes it real to me, which is actually who I am…

We all don’t have roles to play in this drama, we have roles to choose, and I suppose I always wanted to play Hamlet, only a Hamlet who chooses to follow the ghost of Love instead of the phantom of fear. Wonder how that tragedy turns out?

To wake up again and again and again an again and again to wake up and wake up and wake up and try to remember your many mistakes regarding your willing treatment of consumption like it’s infinite or something?

It is infinte if one exists in Heaven.


Whoah there Mr. Mark Richard Prime! How dare you mock belief and presume there wasn’t one greater than your own if you had only asked them to join your marry band of wits of spirit. But there I go repeating myself…


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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