We're Imprinted with the Mother’s DNA

In my belief...

We're imprinted with the Mother’s DNA.

(You believed in them, too. It’s about to get a little tricky in here and searching for your place.)

Was it I that ushered this in?

(No. Not alone, in the least…)

All of us had better get to Loving and stat! We do, and we’re set for Heaven, we don’t, were set for- who knows?

(Boom shacka lacka lacka-boom boom- should never be the sound of a bomb.)

I shouldn’t need to imagine the great unknown, it’s unknowable for a reason and we’re sitting ducks, unaware of our downfall…

(Rise up out of your thinking hell now and begin to make amends.)

Don’t shoot the messenger…

(If that is your wish, come to me and I shall speak of it.)

We’ve been waiting how long now to unchain ourselves from our thinking and live in Heaven with the fullness of Love as was intended…?

(Side note: A chemical is said to be fired at our birth, might this be the message of truth that lets us know who, what, and where we are when we are at our beginning and our eversleep?)

I am not God, God is speaking on the pathway to Love and if we were listening we could begin to pick up on it. To deny the words of Love is impossible, I mean they’re Love...

I’m either insane in the membrane or getting angry because there’s no rain!

God can turn God’s back on us and Love will have to wait on our resurrection.

(You drew your cards from the bottom, not from the top.)

This trap that’s set without warning, this Love and her dance, will rise if I’ll but take the Mother by the hand and offer her elegance a dance. Surely she is worth the time for me to consider…?

The eartH is the masterpiece of Creation, we, her loving angels. Let us soar!

We need to get our butts in gear and begin to summon our Love, for she is on her way and it is going to be beautiful!

It is Love, where else are we going? If one day God summons us all, then let us greet God smiling…

Believe it and act upon it! If our “belief” is sacrosanct why then would we not speak it?

I “believe” I’m in the presence of Love and God. Love’s strength is mind numbing, God’s is unknown. I thought it best to stay with her, maybe I’ll live to see her summoned by God and Love, the union…?

We were programmed to be God, engineered to our highest belief. Oh! If only the eartH had such a traversable ancestry? Boom, boom, boom goes the drum!

We are programmed to believe when we hear the truth and only the one truth…

These are not just my words… They’re the spirits whose path I entered as I journeyed looking up for salvation from my sins, when upon the eartH is where my sins took place, and where my eyes should’ve always been…

Our stories haven’t given her better than this? Are we mad? Look at her? She’s dying and we still feel obligated to consume without regard over her skin and poison in her waters? We owe the (H)eartH of God and Love more of ourselves than that…

No. No? No.

Could it be true that the balance of our sins is paid in full at our ever end?

(Ever end?)

Eternity, in either place, Heaven and eartH, is forever, and if we are believers and have believed ourselves in imagining that she is not our beholden, then we’ve just not been paying attention…

Never knowing full well, how much things had changed from original HeartH. Look at her! She breathes Life into us. We would forsake our beholden? We’re nothing more than a virus of parasitic proportions! Our distortions have been coming and we’ve been summoned by God to speak, if God will show him or her self to ask us in a way that is our collective desire to let this belief go, then not on our life…

We must remain some ways back in case the kick comes from our direction back into the other of our directions…

I’m prepared to speak these visions, for they are not necessarily from just my thought alone, but from the spirit of Love and of course it sounds crazy, but isn’t Heaven supposed to be amazing, beyond our wildest dreams? Then why would we not choose Heaven over all of the desolate places humankind is meant to stray above their head…

We’re missing her song! Get your feet on the ground and damn well speak up!

I am merely the scribe. A messenger, so to speak…

There is God Above and there is God below, there is God. Choose.

That's not a choice.

Want to bet?

We’re floating in space, too, and we seem to forget where we are and begin to imagine we’re king! There is no king, unless we’re talking Elvis, I’m not cool enough for all of that. Boom boom and a rat-a-tat-tattle, not going down that creek unless I’ve got a paddle…

(You're no Elvis, that's for damned sure!)

It’s happening backwards and upside-down… Help.

(Thank you, sir. We’ll take it from here.)

Who are you, kind spirit?


The balance of Love and fear...


Live, Love and Laugh...


Life, Laughter and Love!



© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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