Boom, Boom, Boom goes the bomb, wailed the children with shattered lips lying underneath the blotted sun. Love! Love! Love! Bring love booming without agony, without death. 160 shards of loveblooms. 160 shells of peace. 160 shrapnels of joy. 160 portions of worship. 160 drones of affection. 160 hearts thumped their last. 160 minds changed. 160 mouths no more in laughter. 160 leftover innocents. 160 divine loves. Boom, wailed the thief! Love, wailed the children! 320 hands no more in prayer. Limbs left to quiver. 320 tender eyes ever closed. Boom, wailed the thief! Boom, wailed the thief! Let me wail love 320 times each day, howl until I too am leftover pieces. Boom, wailed the thief! Love, wailed the children!

Love, help us...
© 2011 by mark prime


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