All this belief stuff! Let’s do what we know and stop dreaming it’s any other way until it is revealed to us! Let us make her heaven above all else we know and save the Heaven of belief a step in the divine direction…

My Love, what we’re going through now will seem a feint memory if our union always remembers to love…

To keep the power of Love at fullness one must always remember to love.

(Sounds easy.)

In theory, yes.

(What, The Theory of Stupidity?)

Why not, Curmudgeon? Those are words, and more importantly they are actions that mean more to we stewards of the eartH of Creation than we’ve been able to imagine, can you think of a better place to work?

(You sleep, you must. Lifetime’s are no different- they literally are human evolution…)

And there, I thought I was all alone with this belief…

(How could you be alone when your belief is all inclusive, Rimnod?)

That would mean that I am a spiritual healer?

(You’re no Jesus! You’re no rock star!
You’re no Muhammad and you certainly aren’t the savior,
so who the hell do you think you are?)


(Well, you’re still not the savior, Rimnod!)

We are all Love, my friend. All.

(Love? Ha! You wouldn’t know Love if she kissed you, but you’ll know for sure once she snuggles up against your indifference!)

Is there really any need for that? Do we really have to suffer, or is that not your test of our will, our development into who we were born to be in the one exactness’s scheme of salvation, when our salvation lies with our treatment of the Mother? In the gratitude we express at having paid nothing to live here, nor asked for such a pleasure.

(What? Would it have been better that we have the spoils of full Love instead of any fear whatsoever?)

In a world created of nothing but Love, yes.


The lesson has been learned and then some, thank you very much. I know it’s not your fault or even a “scheme” it’s Life and she is all I know. I believe a lot, but I know so much more. The quicker I retain this lesson in practice and in speech, the more I’ve to gain from my own individual belief…

Training required, but don’t you worry. The regimen of Love is a pleasurable time, it’s the fear that had me pickled…

(Pickled? Really?)

A bit, how would you put it?


Stupidly perhaps, but this whole affair has been mind blowing, to put if crudely. Pardon me if at times I seem(ed) a little surprised by your affections. Dancing with spirits is not easy work, it seems to be exercise for the spirit of Love. A dance is the best way I know how to describe the feeling I get whilst imagining our spirit’s in their dance…

(Imagining? I thought you said-)

They are real, but I must still imagine them since they’re out of my believed reality and etched within my fact…

To a fellow spirit: Then you are God, yet you are not alone, the heirs to Heaven must all be God. Collective Love- wonder how long before we trample over this loving belief and squander it for fearful thrills like we’ve done wll of the others?

Humble your self, wear your armor the hue of Love so that when you shed the blood of another your outfit matches…

Humble your self, encase who you were born to be back inside of the Heart(H) of Creation's Love…

Hounds begin their call before the sirens throttle my ears. The spirit is in mourning and Love holds its hand.

The problem with righteousness is when it is only summoned from belief and not from what you can possibly know in the flesh, the spirit’s a matter altogether different…

If it is of Love, then Love seeks it out instinctually. If it is of fear, tick tock…

Time is only relative when the mind is captured by fear, I beg of you to release them of your love and come out in the fullness of laughter, life and Love!

Simply breathing, being, this is true prayer. Using the imagination for things that produce the most love is where we’ve failed. We must begin to express ourselves, not as the heirs to Heaven, but the present heirs of the HeartH of Creation, our Heavenly Home…

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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