It makes its way to me in prayer, this spirit of my dance. It isn’t the man I became, or the many I’m with in dance, by prayer, by chance, by fate, by sanity, by simple reasoned explanations- maybe it’s all a dream…?

I’ll go with Love and place within her my Heart(H)…

The birds and breeze, the sky and sun, the sounds of Heaven soaring over man’s noise, the perfect accompaniment for what I have to say.

(The violin floats by as the songbird summons her aria and the wind lets its presence be known…)

Let me begin to pray to what I know and not what’s made from thought! Prayer is Love’s scribe and God’s unwitting stumble…

Take back my mind! Snatch it back, it's been snatched! Take it back, the key to Love’s door.

(Quiet your mind, Mark, and joyfully help create Love’s masterpiece!)

Oh! Rejoice and make history!

(Better make your fear history, too.)

What is this squat word that brings man to trembling on his knees?


I meant fear, spirit. Fear is the squatting ogre, but you make a valid point on the word used to describe something so complex that words themselves can’t even begin to do it justice. Pray I'm ready for such a transition, and, above all else, I'll live, laugh and love.

My mind is stuck- twisted metal frame, plunged down again, I cannot shut off my upside-down head’s attempt to be savior in her eternal life and in her laughter and her love…

(Thank God for your head injury, there’s no telling where you’d have head-longed into if the story had been right-side up, hell would have been an impassable place…)

I climbed the mountain many times, had to go back down again to retrieve what I had forgotten to remember, but I’m now prepared to hold my ground, to pray to her known’s by my actions.

(And what the hell would you know about taking action, Mark Richard Prime?)

I wouldn’t, save for the act of giving my mind away. I do, however, know plenty about inaction.

(Do tell?)

Rather talk about action.

(You said a mouthful there, Nimrod.)

Touche’! …I meant I’d rather imagine action than its counterpart of death. Eternity offers some great accessories, standard, even on the oldest of models…

(What’s that supposed to mean exactly?)

Exactly? Nothing. But I wasn’t talking out loud, I was thinking.

(Thinking? You can’t even give a straight answer to the question, my unfettered friend.)


© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime


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