The eartH has, in my opinion, if not in fact, all that pertains to our needs. No more and no less…

That’s a prayer worth imagining is it not? Engage your individual loving spirit, before it’s too late and you and me and I go drifting away in fear…

A trilogy of sorts.


It is not my intention to demean the spirit- No. Demean is too strong, I’m just climbing around the fearful spirit to get to your human belief. Relax and dance, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare of any kind, certainly not the machine we’ve crafted of our collective self?

Scan, purchase, consume.

Reverse that- consume, purchase and scan- Change that- purchase, scan and consume. That’s better.

Too much thought went into that pointless exchange-

The fears I’ve shown in you… have been countless! It was your Love that we should have been seeking and worshipping the whole time!


So, we had no choice since everything was unknowable, if it were not from the inconvenience of having Heaven’s eartH beneath our feet… if we choose, of course. Now you know you made a big mistake promising to let Life unfold over Love, until Love seemed non-existent! Life is not perfect and God, if nothing else is Life, otherwise why conceive of it in the first place?

Everything that exists now and now and now and now and now and now and you and now and now and you and now and now and now and now and and you and you and yo and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and-

(Stop! What on eartH ever led you to believe that you’re not the person you were meant to be, Love?)


(How so?)

We are all one species, not just human animal’s kind, but the whole of Life as known to thee, not as simply imagined, but lived!

(If it exists now, it’s in heaven already, so…?)

Rejoice! The wind swings her caress over me and I am at once stunned and invigorated- it’s a strange feeling, actually.

Used to be the traffic made me woozy, but now I’ve summoned sound to its triumph and for most of my day I am in silence. The noise decibel could use a little relief…

We're all caught inside this bubble of illusions. The power of exclusion (fear) has already lapped us as it twists itself around the whole of Love...

I need be careful when I laugh. I don’t want to seem as if the suffering is laughable, too, but a majority of it stems from human fear and something’s about to give…

The plane passes over, the bus goes by, the train leaves the station, the tank rolls over the sacred eartH and the family waves hello, good wishes, or, need a hand?

Love lifts all and everything to its original beginning, after all, Heavenly eartH was created long before any of us…

(You mean before thought?)

*If I had wanted to be redundant I’d have thought of that, too.


Not sure, made sense as it began. …I’m being humbled by belief. It may seem thankless, but give it time and you’ll find you’ve no place more important to go than what you know…

(Do you desire to shackle this man or set him free of his not knowing who he is?)

The lesson is to know who I am before I go off thinking I’m talking to Love or God. The truth of the matter is it doesn’t matter if we don’t know the truth, especially that of the one beneath our feet.

(They got it, Mark Richard Prime! For the love of Love pipe down with the gloomy speeches and give us something beautiful to laugh at that we can sink our teeth into.)

I needed to know in order to follow the spirit of Love to the fullness of Love that I might with her speak in the only way she herself can- sound, soil and rock, sound, tree and grass and animal sound and spirit and Love.

The Mother eartH’s language is different than ours, she quakes and rains and storms and floods and burns and reacts to things upon her lovely surface! In the meantime, and, if that weren’t scary enough, along comes belief.


Why ouch? Why not rejoice at the knowledge of the power of love and Love?

(Love! Love! Love! Love! (Silence…) Love. Love Love Love Love Love Love (Silence…) Love and Love and Love and Love and Love and Love and Love and Love and Love and Love and Love and Love and Love and Life and life and Laughter and Laughter and Peace and you and you and Love and Love and Love and Love and peace and life and love and peace, life and love, and peace and life and love and love and love and love and love and love and love and love…)

Oh my…


Scan, purchase, consume.

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


  1. I don't think you should be shackled. Your purpose in life seems to be chosen. You are an inspiration to your readers and therefore affect people every day. You've been given a gift! Good luck!

  2. Thank you, anonymous! I am humbled by your kindness.

    Love, peace and goodness to you, yours and the eartH...


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