Resistance to belief is Fertile.

(Did you mean, futile?)

No. It wasn’t intentional, it breathes inside of me. My story is upside down. I'm going back to what is known and I'm being greeted with the gift of Love.

(Have you just squeezed out God?)

No. I've swum inside of belief and Love and found her much more to my liking. I know, I must be insane to think of such a thing, the eartH as my only beholden in the flesh and the spirit that I know... than any truth of any that I'll imagine...

I know nothing. I am one man and the only power I have is with the whole. The fullness of Love is within my reach, within my every fiber while I'm in prayer. The truth of who I am...

I see the light at the never-end of Love...

(From scribe to conductor?)

It is Heaven if we want her! The thought is ours to choose…

(Would you place your bets on what’s in store, or would you place your bets on the Mother that you know!)

The eartH was my final alternative as any God outside my needs…

There’s probably some lesson in all of that which will put me on my knees! Conclusions are not mine to scribe, mere possibilities! I am a sovereign entity! I am my own person! I am me! Find your me and off we go in Heaven!

I feel like there should be some other reason for my visions?

(Love’s medicine?)

Yes. If all is not well with my belief it is mine to struggle through!

(Then why are you publishing your mind like a neon sign?)

I don’t know and I don’t need to know the truth behind and within this lesson…


I am set to evolve. God help our fragile minds when she her dance commences! We cannot know the Creator, we cannot know God, we can only believe, doesn’t mean that we can’t know God through our Mother, the eartH of Creation…

(Must man think so emptily? Must man imagine himself into a living hell to see just how he likes it? No more hell, it’s time to give Mother eartH her loving due…)

Her loving due, the one Exactness is a stellar foundation that will not allow Love to be destroyed.

I do not know but I most certainly believe wholeheartedly that the eartH is the Heart(H) of God.

These spirits are my prayer circle. They sit with me and cause me joyful tears- and in springs a humbleness like a winter coat worn today while here writing to my loving belief. I am a child of the eartH, she is me loving me. Loving who I am and who I’ve become!


I love you. Can you believe that? I am beholden to the eartH first, belief second.

(Where did you imagine you were?)

Work as one and she will again reveal herself as Heaven.

(For the Love of all things stand up and let it be known that you are willing and why you're so eager!)

The truth of the matter might well rest near, prior to this particular spirit dance with her loving story. My lovely angel Love, her spirit rivals any I've yet to dance with...

The rest will reveal itself, it is not mine to speculate or own. She is what I believe. She is what I know...

© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime


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