Do as you imagined before your options begin their spiral away from truth and back into belief’s fearful loving. Don’t you see? I’m you and you’re me and collectively we are Love, for how else can one explain the emotion that has us in her grasp? What will it be, fear or the fullness of the collective Love?

We’re choosing both and both just ain’t gonna cut it! Fear has no place in this, our dream. It is most foul and only needs be in the instinct, not worn outward like a long blade that slices away reason…

Are we the children of Creation? Then why have we not been upset at how we as a whole are treating the eartH of said Creation? We are here, so why not make the best of it instead of war and consume ourselves off the face of the eartH?

War, consumption, same difference, right…?

(Silence… followed by the whistle of the train.)

Something’s wrong! The weight of the vehicle is on top of him! What the hell were we thinking to carve our belief’s out of fear? We are not savages! None!

(The only savagery is what you’ve done to your beautiful instinct.)

Thought you’d have yelled that one?

(It’s you with need to yell at the top of your lungs.)


(That would be appropriate.)

I was talking to you, spirit!

No you weren’t…


Perhaps I wasn’t silent as I was when I was on the hill lying in the tall grass, bugs, birds, clouds, trees, the works?

(Pray that the children are not haunted by recent tragedy, but engaged in the dance of the loving spirit and not the spirit of fear. Yes. They are a spiritual battle like no other and they're individually personal, save where their future effects touch the whole...)

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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