Nearer in Likeness to the Mother eartH

I do love wooden bridges. They feel a if they’re inviting us to walk upon their spirit-filled boards that we might learn more of ourselves...

Women are nearer in likeness to the Mother eartH than we men and that's a fact. Women, and all they are, should be held up as equals, through and through to we men, after all it is the spirit that Creation seeks, not the shell that carries it. How we treat our temples is reflective of how we love our Home. I see women as the givers of life, they've just been giving so much more than their share that it has humankind bamboozled and stumbling around like "zombies".

I say let us hear women roar their allegiance to life and love and forgiveness and duty and child and honor and laughter! Humankind and the eartH would be most loving from such an event, and the eartH alone might be most forgiving of human's ruination to the Mother eartH, the mothers, the women, the daughters of Life, Love and Laughter.

(A most delectable queen to your king, equals, through and through, evermore...)



What did you think of me before all of this dream had unfolded?

Did you see me as incapable, or in need of your loving spirit’s assembly?

If my belief outdistances what I see before me, it will have been a good use of my angelic spirit... and to change that fact.

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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