My Share of This Day 8.22.12

Share and share alike the loving parts of your beliefs, just be careful not to carry them so tightly that you inadvertently strangle Love in the process…

My share of this day,
My true breath and tainted air,
In destruction do they lay.
Where is our sorrowful Love
Deliver me to me on the way
And no end this Life shall attend.
All are in Love’s Heaven
When her veil begins its lift;
O! Why must we suffer in this?
eartH is Love and Creation’s reverence,
we stewards of angels to come.
Give me your hand and heart,
Tote with you a loving tongue;
Carry love in silky laughter
Or eartH becomes life’s grave
Bring on the righteous love,
Maybe then I’ll fade away and echo,
“Full Love does come our way”!

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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