Morning chat with a couple of neighboring spirit continued...

(Human Spirit)

They spoke of return in truth. They both (their spirits) told me things of themselves and the earth, not of the flesh, and that is always a welcome event.

I’ve been dancing with spirit so long now that I find it in my every waking moment. In prayer or not, I’m dancing. Prayer is my promise. The original promise I failed to keep, pray! Pray! Pray for the rain! I will be surprised by what this human’s loving spirit is capable of creating... Won’t I?


We either return to the soil and come back as a rose or our spirit’s soar with the unknown unknowable... Put your faith in everything being okay even if you do come back as a flower…

A rose or eternal bliss… and joy and comfort and laughter and love and breath and breathing and life ever after.

Who are we to say that this isn’t our purpose, to evolve into cultivated spirit so that we benefit from its use, that more of our Love surfaces, because we haven’t one smidgen of a clue as to what awaits us in the hereafter and Love’s so much simpler than fear.

The least and the most we could do while we’re here, “on the eartH”, is to serve our only known beholden writhing beneath the feet…

(I don't know if you're tired of waiting on you, but I'm exhausted of it; this line between belief and action...)

I'm not tired of waiting on you, I'm tired of waiting on me...

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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