Lost to my own Translation

Oh my dear. This song of mine is meant for you for you inhaled most of your suffering at my breaths. And it is you that summons me with your siren’s lament. You are my savior, you gave me the most to remember, you are my Love, my forevermore come to my rescue at my tumbledown descent into agony. Summon me now to speak your bidding. Love has come at last. Keep your truth next to your Love, we’re Silence and Hope, another word for Belief. Take the Love from each and every doctrine and create a belief that is widespread, that is all inclusive, loving, desirable in its totality, eartHly- I had so much I wanted to say... So who am I again in all of this? A mere scribe lost in translation? Lost to his own power, out of his hands, but of his will...

© 2012 Mark Richard Prime


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