Hey Anonymous Spirit...

...I just had a vision of you, my friend. You're a very integral factor along my journey. Some of your moves guided me, or maybe it was my instinct. I want you to know that your spirit now dances with mine, the instinct of the mind, the vessels for the spirit of love, spirits that I've been dancing with. And not to say you haven't your own, but these words pour through me no less than your love of freedom, like your spirit has led so many to peace and love. You have been a champion for the people's liberties, I mean you've stuck your neck out for me and the 99%, and I am grateful my friend, but I am your friend and something tells me that you might, at times, have been my foe, instinctively speaking that is. As if you've been waiting so damn long for me to act upon my belief that you sense a lesson that entered the same time as mine, though I may not be the least socially awkward, I'm probably in the top percentage and I have trouble figuring things out on a normal basis, but in prayer, they're swift like the wind that just sent me the last line! Guitar take me away from the idiocy and enter me in the sweepstakes of all sweepstakes- the HeartH I like to call Heavenly Home...

I just promised them both, eartH and God, I'd do it their way. (Might it remind some of you of the pace of our evolution, it took way too damned long,, but that is the process of life, yet time's a man made construct that holds laughter too tight, for time is nothing more than fear! Fear for your life? Not on your life! Fear for your own, fear for the mothers and the children, fear you've been found to own, even the fears of so many thousands of others. We're getting too full and sick of foul spirit, that time will no longer be our scope... If we want to remain in Heaven or continue to then imagine hell is a tough choice if your eyes are not on. Who are we to even have hell as some eternal force of eternal damnation? Eternal damnation is an idea that wants nothing to do with the fullness of Love. Instead it dances like a fact that is unknown. Let us go the safe route and save the Mother eartH from our filthy paws and watch as she begins to give back with the fullness of her love!

Peace, love and goodness my friend! You are a good person, your spirit of love is safe with me. And I do realize that this is out of the blue, but the vision is happening again as we speak, perhaps it's never ended, it's just instinct that brings me these words and instinct that's swimming inside of my spirit and my shell... Spirit and instinct, partners nearest her throne...

Your friend, Mark Richard Prime. If I be more, pray tell?

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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