Domino Effect ...Unparalleled Joy

-7.18.12 I’M SET TO “BE” IN “BELIEF” SOON-

What brings us to our feet with unparalleled joy? What truly elevates our minds to worship without question? What is belief worth if suffering is at its core? Isn’t what I know far more important than what I imagine to know or what I imagine to believe?

The question isn’t one of who’s right and who’s wrong because everybody is wrong and right, if they imagine, they are. So it is not a question of wrong or right, it’s a question of instinct overriding belief. Instinct is humankind’s need, their greatest need if they choose it to be.

(Recall where you are! Remember who you are and commence your duty!)

That’s a very tall order when it comes to scribing and speaking this belief’s needs.

(Then what are you waiting for? Scribe!)

I have been scribing …and speaking, merging with and learning from the Spirit upon the pathway to full Love. She’s a teacher like no other, a mentor, a guide, a healer, a friend, Love…




The fan administers today’s breeze- In jumps the wind with her caress as if on cue! The wind! The wind! The winding wind summons me to pray for her chalice…

(Her prize has yet to lift its veil that you might prepare for the next round of Love, Mark Richard Prime.)

Believe in it all and keep the beliefs that cherish the (H)eartH as Home, that bring forth the fullness of Love in any and all instruction, a belief that holds the Mother dear above all else. She bears her children, that she and his seed might create Life…

Away from truth, I spent much of my time cursing belief. I saw no point in believing in the unknowable, I still don’t, but instinct is bringing me round to a Loving belief.

(To what?)

The truth, I suppose. What about you?


The self is wed to the Mother by nature. It is removed by faith, not fact…

Why would you be waiting on me? Why would you not begin to see the truth writhing beneath the feet? Are you so numb as to my failure being your only course? O! Spirits of Love come alive now! Wake your wits and wait no longer! Love! Love! Love!

(Calm down.)

Why must I calm down, it is not too early and it is not too late, it is now…

…it is not too early and it is not too late, it is now…

Love, peace and goodness to you, yours and the Heart(H) of Creation…

She is the queen to God’s king, the warrior in God’s spirit…

Though it is an equality when betrothed in the eyes of God, it is also a matter of duty.

Men no more abandon your woman anymore than she you. If we end the abandonment through man’s foul noise it will indeed be hell, the time has come for us to choose, for me to choose, for all to choose, Life or eversleep? I say Life gets my nod! She is the nurturer, that which is most near eartH!

I don’t want to tell you these things, I want you to know these visions beneath the umbrella of fear, or under the umbrella of Love.

I cannot be God, it’s fundamentally illogical! The only diabolic in our sway is our belief and how powerful it indeed is, careful what you wish for’s all I got to say about that! Boom shicka wow wow, she comes to us with food, with water, with wonder and Love! Oh how she comes with Love! Hear her next to you and I’m surprised we’ve not bowed sooner to the eartH’s nearest and dearest Loves we abuse and carve out their innate love with our foolish wars and aggression. Life is Love and Laughter, might I suggest we begin! Rejoice as your feet traverse the surface of the truth! The surface of he truth? Halleluiah! My Love has come at last! Thank you, Jesus, Mohammad, Yawah, God, Allah- we might name our God, but God cannot be named! We are in the garden of Eden, ladies and gentlemen! We are home as angels and we’ve just now begun to figure ourselves all out.

Out of the picture as far as Love is concerned, let us Love one another right now! Love until we’re all blue in the grinning and Love-handing face, without fear to bring her out of her Love. And when we fill our thoughts with rage, red becomes our hue…

(How red do you want to be?)

Doesn’t blue bring us to our thankless knees in Love? We’re all thinking it, writing it singing it, it’s just too damned noisy for us to hear one another rejoicing in their belief, but where are their hands and feet upon the eartH doing to worship that which is known! She is capable of wonders beyond our imaginations and if we accept her, then she will spare our suffering evermore. Parasitic, peristaltic, hallucinogenic can’t do it justice and when we see our great fortune, we’ll behave as good children should when they see themselves as guardians of her soil they will have found a way inside her sorrow, her last ditch effort to save our lives! All are beholden to the HeartH of God first, and then defer to what’s imagined! Prayer is an action word, it is not a wayward pigeon set to deliver you a message of approval, we approve of how she’s treated, as an object instead of your queen!

While everybody’s been dreaming of leaving this hellish sphere and moving on up to Heaven! Look beneath your feet! Why are you looking up there? She’s beneath your god-awful feet! Footprints from here to wherever imagined mankind has sunk his death into her veins and she’s great cause to rise up! Your belief is what you will receive at the end of your existence in the flesh and it’s entirety is not a combination for Love to maintain if the dis-ease of who we are is too flagrant… We’ve always got the eartH as our dumping ground of fear as a backup plan!

Rise up and speak your belief- Life or Death, Love or an eternity of sleep?

Love, Life and Laughter’s what I choose! Sleep is highly overrated, not in toil, but in delight at having been an angel of God to begin with…

Glimpse your wings, dear angels for they’ll soon be tirelessly slung upon our backs with the full weight of our forgiveness.

Why not ride swiftly upon Love’s service to you instead of the offered taxi that your eyes spin inside instead of out…?

I am afraid of nothing.



© 2012 by the spirits dancing with mark richard prime


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