A Visit with a couple of fellow spirit today, Friday August, 23 a.m.

(Sunrise photo from the house on a cell phone)

And who am I to imagine otherwise when she rears her lovely head?


The passion that strikes your better self, your loving self, the self, who you are, is important to my growth. In fact it is healthy and indeed brings great delight to their God of belief, but what of their known beholden? Does she not call out to the spirit if nothing else? Does she not deliver our needs as we still attempt to write her off like a broken horse? If you’re going to bark about your freedoms, then grant me your loving spirit that we may begin our growth…

(The fragility of your mind has raised its flags; warnings from the squall of humankind’s most dismal fall, descent into the unknown, the unknowable instead of what is known.)


(If belief can only get you so far in the journey, Mark Richard Prime, what could possibly be waiting for you on the pathway back toward Love?)



(To be continued...)

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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