A turn with full Love will bring my spirit to its feet 8.07.12

One cannot dance with the fullness of Love without their sadness being lifted away from their thinking’s reach…

A turn with full Love will bring my spirit to its feet and send me love letters from my self. Oh! It will be a joyous occasion that we summon the fullness of Love from out of such a fond belief. The opposite is true when my beliefs are tipped in sorrow and the mess I’ve made comes calling…

Careful who you call...


I might get lucky in this belief raining down on me, and I’m able to continue to write this script until the neverend of time, and still, I might sleep evermore or sleep a while until Love again beckons my face…

Either way, it’s a win for me and a loss for me, tie goes to the runner.

Who do you think you were born to be, brother? Where did you imagine your allegiances, sister? Why did she suffer so from her children’s agony and their willingness to die for what is believed instead of what is known. Real as the memory of water, as the truth of breath, the depths of you, the spirit of Love running through our shells on one threadbare whisper begging for us to act. Without knowing who I truly am, God.

(What did he say?)

(I can’t recall, must be some kind of foreign language or something?)

Love is the language of all, do you really think the creator of all of this would craft itself of more or less fear than full Love. See, the Creator isn’t a door knob, it’s unknowable at this juncture in our evolution so in the mean time, let’s reach out to one another and light the lamp…

Smoke billowed within my dreams, a stick of powdery herb wafting in ceremony, trying to change who I am and cause one hell of a mess- Fear you shall not have me! I was snatched from your flailing only to find my self entering to the center of Love, the most powerful force on the planet! I may have accidentally stumbled into this maze and my upside down head’s almost turned right side out, want to do the medicine, do the work of Love, for you are a spirit of Love, isn’t it time you acted like it?

I was so taken away from the truth on my chosen path that the only other direction I hadn’t tried, was to the surface of her majesty’s face. Oh! The eartH is God’s splendor, dare not go there, my friends, for beneath their Love rests their fear of Loving without anything else to entertain them…

I want to have God and Love send me lovingly to prosper and experience truth at its very fullest…

(Belief’s a lovely idea, until you forget the truth… )

Truth? How can one begin to “know” what the one truth is without questioning one’s core belief?


If I did not step forward with the spirit of Love coursing through me, these words would ring false to your core instinct. But I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that Love is bringing me to speak these spirited words, they dance to her song as if angels were trumpeting their graces down upon me! They looked out over the (H)eartH and found Love waiting near the brook, the watery runway built for the soaring of Love, arms of compassion and laughter opened wide to enter!

If fear tricks a man into a deal with fear, that man’s spirit will not be alone on the journey through hell, but on the journey to the surface of Heaven, it sure does feel like it. Who on eartH would choose to remain in hell?

There can be no such thing as hell, if it is not believed. Welcome to the next phase in the spiritual existence- truth unknown, your belief becomes your reality until you see the error in your thinking and you stumble upon the truth within your reality…

I hustled as fast as an upside-down headed person could hustle. I paid a heavy price for far longer of a time than it took for me to open my hoodwinked eyes. But, once I did, I felt the instinct’s messages which I readily translated into fear as I danced with the spirits that entered upon the pathway of Love. It wasn’t actually fear that I was trapped in all of the time, it was often instinct that guided my fumbling steps. I have no fear, which brings my instinct to full force. I’m still trying to figure them out, but they are very real.

Fear had to go, because I promised Love and God that I’d send it packing, and I did. So, where do I, where do we go from here? Please, won’t you help me get back home with a most loving belief? I promise it beats (the hell out of) what we’ve made of the (H)eartH.

A loving belief, I believe, will allow the (H)eartH to rise up smiling, instead of crying her most woeful lament…

I owe her my allegiance, just as I owe my wife. My Lovely and my Love are my angels calling on me to enter in the fullness of worship and-


(“And I am finished with the act, only when the curtain draws to a close on me…”)

That should be neverend and/or eversleep, right?

(Two peas in a pod, neverend and eversleep! With the reawakening to Love’s call enters another round of peaceful laughter until you just need to sleep again, my child.)

A neverend of possibilities are coming around when as an angel of God and Love I summon them both into my heart, I give them my humble gratitude and my full and fearless spirit upon my merriment…

I have climbed my way out of purgatory, hell, agony, fear, and stumbled in the center, smiling upon full Love…

(More like a pratfall...)

Ah, yes. Curmudgeon, I can always count on you to rear your head to give me a much needed laugh. Thank you, kind spirit.

(Shut up…)

© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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