A Good Balance is Required

I’ve been preparing for this for longer than even I imagined. I thought the head injury was physical? But it was as spiritual as it was injurious. It began as a child, came to an abrupt reversal as a young man, and now has seemingly arrived full circle to my deeds, one to go. I’ve need to speak. I’ve desire to speak. I’ve much to speak. I’ve need to be silent.

Which is it, rimnod? Speak or silent?


That’s impossible!

Not if you’re speaking to Love and God, a good balance is required in order to be able to withstand the impact. Speak when prayer and laughter arise, be silent the rest of the time. End the brunt of noise and listen to her song. Sing the ode in her honor, bow to her love, life and laughter…







The wind spills its breath as if it has been waiting to speak for ages now, that we might hear the truth beneath our squall…


Silence is required…

The bug chimes in with his disgruntled peep and I am drawn down into the grass with the greenness of Love, the soil of Life, and the sound of Laughter.

(Where did you go?)

Haven’t a clue…

(Welcome back, nonetheless, nimrod.)

The traffic jumped the railing and drove its somber racket crashing through the party.


Not sure. Maybe this is my duty all along, to save the eartH from my ruinous nature? Maybe I have been programmed, literally, to receive Love’s message, God’s desire…?


I know. Me, right?

(No. You, “me” is fine without Mark Richard Prime.)


(Let’s face it, you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer.)




© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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