8.22.12 We are as a Whole of Creation

I’m in heaven.

(You are part of the whole of Creation, the 100% of everything, everyone, and every day ever imagined.)

If you think this is false, imagine the benefit, wrong or right, that would come along with loving deeds, even if it isn’t the one exactness, that’s unknown and shall likely stay unknown until we earn it by changing back to who we are and shed our vapid hunger?


Stupid's a harsh term to use... Our intelligence pale's in comparison to that of Creation, wouldn't you imagine? I suppose that makes us all pretty danged stupid, yet somewhat confident.

(The whisper of traffic, birdsong, fly, grass, flower, willow tree, Love.)

Where was I?


I sense that I may tuck this belief in for now and return for a while to the man I was meant to be. But there I go repeating myself… again.



© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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