8.22.12 Suffering and intolerable cruelty to be the vessels of Love

I’m attempting to squeeze in every spirit’s belief it collected from you as if your flesh and bone and heart and blood and thought were a machine designed to bring an overabundance of satisfaction to the one exactness, God if you will...

Suffering and intolerable cruelty to be the vessels of Love and never believing in it as you’ve imagined it…?

Who among us has not suffered? Who among us has suffered the most? Who among us doesn’t lie to themselves for too long?

The collective self is what we’re going to need to snuff the flame of fear and soar to Heavenly eartH to give thanks for our familiar, old song and dance that can, in my opinion, only come from being silent and engaging nature as we were intended...

Stage 2 - We’re all Creators. (Some training is required. Not sold separately, or as a doctrine.)

This is my story.

(Choose eversleep or eternity, either way, you’re safe.)

I believe that we're in eternity as we speak. Lessons meant to bring our thick wits around to who we were born to be…

What of the lessons we tend to imagine as sacrosanct and above all other thought? Were we not in need of our own salvation, not that of another? Are we not in most need of our freedom to just be? To just be is something we've forgotten over the years of suffering, but I believe that's all about to change. We must care for this eartH, return her lungs that she might breathe, return her in your thoughts to the Life, as we know it, of the whole universe


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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