8.20.12 Instantly More Perceptible

Maybe it's about the consciousness which might result in the unconscionable arising...? Shift our consciousness, our awareness of who and what we are and sky is the limit in the flesh, leaving deeds the latest trend...

Love, peace and goodness to you, yours and the eartH...

(It’s up to you.)

It’s just another belief.

(How would you know if you haven’t considered it?)

The dog lays down his baritone and my ears are instantly more perceptible. The bay of a hound is distinct instinct bred into man…

What I could not know, lucky for me, was the same thing as what I should not know… How could I possibly know the unknowable? How could I possibly begin to become what I was born to be if I did not collect fearful spirit first, that I might unwind them and make some sense to lay upon the rest, but only after I’ve imagined their reality, lived it vicariously so to speak. It can get rather crowded in my belief, 7 billion’s a lot of mouths to feed. Imagine the overtime Christ or Muhammad would have had to put in to produce the miracle needed to keep us from falling over the edge of our own madness…?

Let us do it with as much love as we spirited shells can muster! Let’s make this a grand and amazing time to be alive instead of our dour thoughts about where we may or may not be headed or where we might end up. The eartH of Creation is headed to her breaking point and the last thing I imagine that we’ll be expecting is the method of her sorrowful song…


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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