8.17.12 If I Were God

If I were God I’d end all of man’s foul use, war, genocide, murder, mayhem and greed, slavery and wickedness, lies and control.

(Slavery is voluntary…)

God doesn’t need me, the (H)eartH of Love is the one that summoned the next one to speak on her behalf, the Mother.

I hadn’t imagined it… I couldn’t resist her beauty. She is Love and Forgiveness and I must return her joy to her out of duty…

(Never heard of such a thing.)

Real or imagined, I will be spirit.

(Yes you will…)

I’m nothing special. Is that why I cannot know?

(Discuss your loving belief out in the open throughout your walk and you’ll be led down a path of outcomes, all correct in their framing.)

Save the idle chats, I’ve need to imagine the truth of my reality. It is not what I imagine it is. It is the ultimate suffering ground due to our being sightless in our beliefs. We were born to create, whether we're doomed or our spirits are lifted away from our fear that Love might again soar within us...

(Must be payback for all of the believing and not nearly enough deeds.)

Yes. Deeds are most important, they travel alongside Love, her sentries and her saviors…

(If you were God, you’d be better at math, Nimrod…)

In my opinion, we’ve need to remain in our own creation of heaven or remain in our eversleep and according to the prolonged existence of Love’s one exactness, God, if you must. We need to do this, and here’s the tricky part- we only need to do so if, and only if, it is the will of God and Love. How hard could it be?



(Wouldn’t that mean that you honestly have no choice but to rise up to your better self? Home and Heaven, all within walking distance…)

Who knows?


© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark and Michelle Prime


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